The final of the largest international competition for female directors will take place at the Philharmonie de Paris on Friday, with three taxis showing off in pieces looking for collection. As a financial gift, the girls will leave a personal exhibition program with the world to raise their profile at a high level in France and around the world. La Maestra Competition and Academy for Women Directors are projects, produced by the Pa’ris Mozart Orchestra and the Philharmonie de Paris. It also provides guidance for women in their understanding, the category in which men belong.

This partnership is expected to host a special international conference of matron leaders, held at the Philharmonie de Pa’ris, September 15-18, in the country. The trial of the six city leaders was welcomed with open arms, presided over by Ewa Bogusz-Moore, Director and Program Director of the National Radio of Poland. Twelve candidates were nominated for the first round of voting by about 200 people, speaking to 51 parties. They come from Europe (Italy, France, UK, Sweden, Greece, Poland), Asia (South Korea, Indonesia, China), North America (Canada, US) and South America (Venezuela, Colombia), usually 45 years and older CV remarkable.

The latter, which took place on

You need each candidate to define a few tasks through a schedule. Including exhibitors from the eighteenth and twentieth centuries, (e.g., Beethoven and Bartok) and the new work of two-day writers; Humus by Alexandra Grimal of France: in Beethoven Blacks by Italian writer Fabio Vacchi. The heat, which people do not want for free, and spread online at the Arte Concert, is exciting prospect for information researchers. They want to understand how behavior really works, where each manager provides guidance and discipline in English.

The latter, which took place on Friday evening, will offer three research grants, of 20, 000 euros, 10, 000 euros and 5, 000 euros as a professional exhibitor, as well as a long-term education program at the Philharmonie de Paris under President Laurent Bayle, and Mozart. Traditionally, Claire Gibault gathered, as with their colleagues all over the world. The La Maestra competition demands that despite the fact that matron speak a lot in the music industry, only 4 percent of the superiors who are influenced by the French music scene are matron. In Europe, six per cent of foreign superiors are ladies, he said on his website, adding that” there is no permanent collection of French music that can reflect female music today.

First global competition for women conductors hosted in Paris

Nearly six percent of classical music has gone to ladies. However, in France, there are ways to change that, including La Maestra which is international competition for female officers in the country. The success of the challenge, which attracted more than 200 people from Asia, Europe and the United States, will be announced in the distant future.

Laurent Bayle, the country Philharmonic CEO who supports La Maestra, said the winner and other participants will receive two years of additional training and coaching. Experts say the need for such comfort, although ladies control nearly 40 percent of Belgian meetings, three-thirds of French symphonies are female officers. In the United States, only eight percent of these meetings are sponsored by women. Philharmonic has advanced 30 percent of its current officers are ladies, an increase from a few years ago.